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Crises and Space in the History of Economic Thought - 3rd ESHET-JSHET meeting

University of Corsica
Corte, France
September, 12th to 15th, 2012

Présentation : 3rd ESHET-JSHET meeting

     This international meeting is the expression of the deep willingness of these two societies to cooperate. Indeed, after a long time cooperation based on individual relationship, ESHET and JSHET have both decided to organize in a more systematic way their cooperation.
A first meeting took place in Nice in 2006, in 2009 the Japanese society organized the second joint meeting.
This year the event takes place at the University of Corsica and is co-organized by the laboratory LISA of CNRS.

Taking into account the specific research program of the Corsican center of research LISA we have decided to emphasize the notions of “space” in the History of Economic Thought. This topic is of great relevance also in order to understand the economic development of Japan. This reference to “space” will also be present in the second (and larger) topic of this join seminar.
We propose to consider how spatial dimension, or different space (real, monetary, financial) can influence the nature of economic crises, the way economies are facing economic crises and finally the possible (political) responses to those crises. This topic will also be the opportunity to emphasize to what extent the recent crises have shown the limit of mainstream economics and the logical necessity to revise some economic analysis and concepts.
This year we are honored to welcome a renowned speaker, Hans-Michael Trautwein, professor at the University of Oldenburg, Chair of International Economics. We therefore devote two specific sessions which are organized around two major themes : “Space and Economics” and “Crises, Cycles, and other Events, Ideas and Policy in the History of Economic Thought”.
The meeting proposes an original historical analysis of the relationship between space and economics. This investigation quickly reveals that the concept of “space” was already present in the literature of political economy. More than that, the concept of space was not only used in order to analyse location strategies of firms or industries or regional dynamics but was really considered a core concept of economics. Indeed, space was considered as essential for instance in order to define nations, to calculate the wealth of those nations and to evaluate trade. The concept of monetary space is also a very specific one.

The meeting also provides historical background for the development of new theories of crises. Current economics is tested by comparison with the past – blind spots are exposed, alternatives indicated and explored. Taking into account the specificity of Corsica as an island and of Japanese economy, we want to emphasise in the seminar the spatial dimension in the analysis (or history) of crises.

Meeting place :

University of Corsica - Corte, France
Laboratoire LISA
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