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Working papers TerRA

Consolidation of Prosecutor Offices

Claudio Detotto, Bryan C. McCannon
Abstract We investigate the impact of the consolidation of local agencies publicly- providing services, focusing on the prosecution of crime. In many states in (...)

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Cultural identity and willingness to protect and preserve art

Claudio Detotto, Marta Meleddu, Marco Vannini
Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyse the willingness to pay of art-goers for the protection and preservation of cultural artefacts. To this (...)

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Did the establishment of specialised courts affect the frequency of business bankruptcy petitions in Spain ?

Claudio Detotto, Laura Serra, Marco Vannini
Abstract Spanish small businesses rarely file for bankruptcy, and Spanish bankruptcy rates are among the smallest in the world. The historical (...)

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Does good governance attract tourists ?

Claudio Detotto, Sauveur Giannoni, Claire Goavec
No effort has been made to connect good governance and the perfor- mance of the tourism industry at the country level. We take a first (...)

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Does slow and steady win the race ? An Italian case

Anna Bussu, Claudio Detotto, Laura Serra
Abstract This paper presents an empirical study focusing on students’ drop-out and irregular careers at the University of Sassari (Sardinia, Italy). The (...)

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Foreign buyers, price dispersion and local buyers eviction in bargaining markets

Sauveur Giannoni, Olivier Beaumais, Caroline Tafani
The presence of foreign buyers in land and housing markets has become a major concern for many regions in the world, sometimes seen (...)

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Insiders vs outsiders in the hotel sector : is it worth entering an official classification system ?

Olivier Beaumais, Sauveur Giannoni
We investigate whether entering an official hotel classification system is as lucrative as suggested in the tourism management literature. Indeed, in (...)

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Market-segment targeting and long-term growth in a tourism-based economy

Sauveur Giannoni, Juan M. Hernández, Jorge Pérez-Rodríguez
Academic literature on the relationship between tourism and eco- nomic growth expands steadily. This literature supports the (...)

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Time for Waste, Waste of Time ? Assessing Heterogeneous Values of Time Spent Recycling Using a Latent-Class Rank-Ordered Logit Approach

Olivier Beaumais, Dominique Prunetti
Although the opportunity cost of time spent recycling has long been recognized as a key determinant of household recycling participation, very few (...)

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