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MESCE - The Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education

MESCE was registered in Catania and has the following aims :
developing the perception of a Mediterranean framework for Education ;

  • fostering dialogue and mutual knowledge among scholars in Education and teachers and educators of all the Mediterranean countries ;
  • promoting the setting up of research programmes, co-operation and intellectual exchanges in Education among scholars from all the Mediterranean countries ;
  • exploring possibilities for greater co-operation among scholars in Education and scholars in other disciplines, both humanistic and scientific within a Mediterranean context ;
  • carrying out studies in Comparative Education in the Mediterranean ;
  • reinforcing the politics of education aimed at guaranteeing all children and adult citizens the right to education in the widest sense possible ;
  • avoiding, through education, the dangers of ignorance, intolerance, incomprehension, and racial hatred” ;
  • guaranteeing to citizens of the Mediterranean the right to discuss their participation in and make an informed choice regarding different 2 development models and ways of civil cohabitation in multicultural societies in and around the Mediterranean basin ;
  • paving the way, through education, for cultural studies and intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean with respect to European and Arab cultures and the other cultures (e.g. Chinese, Indian and sub-Saharian) present in the Mediterranean area ; this is done with a view to fostering greater understanding.